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A Great Building Experience

We want your buying and building experience to be comfortable and painless. The problem with home building is that it is more complicated than most people think and takes many different people to achieve completion. Many customers are not aware of the processes and we make sure they are informed throughout the entire building process.

Many builders talk about building processes but are never able to deliver a document or process that defines it for a customer. You will not have to ask us for that type of information as we will provide and describe it willingly.

When you compare Rostrata Builders to other custom builders you will see the immediate difference. With our Design Questionnaire, Guaranteed Cost Breakdown, Detailed Construction Documents, Management Inspections and Defined Construction Process you will get a building program that delivers the product you dreamed of.

We not only value our customers as a buyer, but we also pride ourselves in keeping our customers as friends and satisfied customers. Detailed planning and up-front information play a key role in making good decisions during the building process.